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Dear Parents/Guardian

The aims and objectives of ZEN SCHOOL and the role that you must play, to be succeed in our educational enterprise are spelt out in this dairy.

  1. The school is a Co-educational school and gives more importance to spiritual values and character formation both in academic and non-academic discipline.
  2. The school expects you to ensure that your child attends school regularly and punctually and maintains the standards of discipline which are prescribed.
  3. Follow the time table and the maintain the books diary property.
  4. Attend meeting regularly for you wards progress.
  5. Pay fees in time to avoid fine system. (Pay the fees between 1stto 10th of every month.)
  6. Therefore we request you to take a keen interest and contribute actively in achieving this goal.
  7. Please read the Diary carefully and acknowledge your acceptance of the rules by penning down your signature.
  8. The overall development of your child
  9. I look forward to your whole – hearted co-operation.
With Good Wishes

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